3 reasons Why Sidhrath Shukla is the Social Media King

Sidharth shukla with his family
Sidharth shukla with his family

​Winner of Big Boss13 (the most talked and popular reality show of India) Sidharth Shukla is still ahead of many Bollywood actors at Social Media platform. The fans are going crazy after him during the whole season and this fandom is increasing with the time. In this article, we are going to talk about why Sidharth Shukla is the social media king and still leading on social media platforms and also trending on twitter with Millions of tweets.

3 Reason Why Sidharth is the Social Media King -

  1. His Journey in Big Boos 13
  2. The way he interacts with his Fan
  3. His Lifestyle and One liner

1. Sidharth Shukla’s Journey in Big Boss 13 –

Journey of Sidharth Shukla inside Big Boss house is full of ups and down but his fandom is growing day by day through out the season. People fall in love with his Angry Young Man character. His friendship his fights and his connection with Shehnaaz Gill is the lime light of the season. People loves his loyal nature towards his friends and his One liners are the soul of this season.

His presence of mind and humorous nature make us laugh through out the season. His friendship with Asim riaz and than fights with him increase the TRP of BB13. The whole house is rotate around him. His fights and friendship moments with Rashmi Desai are also a main reason of the season to achieve such success.

People gave him the title of Man of his words, King of BB13 and many more, it is quite obvious why he got such titles. He always sticks with his words and never tried to twist them in front of anyone he accepted his faults if he is wrong and always raise his points. Even Salman khan also addressed him as the King of the House. He always fights from front for his points and never leave his friends at any moment. His friendship with Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma in last few weeks is also in lime light. Each and every contestant of BB13 relates with him somehow.

His lovable relationship with Shehnaaz Gill creates a hype and a huge amount of people fall in love with their cute chemistry and their Hashtag SidNazz take it to another level and make them the most admirable couple of 2019 and 2020. This hashtag still trends on Twitter.

2. The way he interacts with his Fans –

The reason behind his popularity on Social Media is the way he communicates with his fans and make them feel more special. The way he fulfills wishes of his fans, interact with them through live chats and twitter which also make him a genuine person. His caring nature toward his fans​ also is a huge reason of his popularity on social media, when one of his fan get infected with Covid-19, he twitted about her and prayed for her and also twitted about his two fans who lost their life due to Corona shows how much he cares about them. He is not a social media person but the way he uploaded his photos on fans demand, this also shows how much he cares about his fans.

During his whole journey in BB13 his fans supported him madly, he emerged the position as one of the most trended people of India. He always topped the Ormax list of most famous contestant and always makes his place in top 5 in the list of popular non-fiction celebrity along side with Amitabh Bachchan and Salman khan. He is the most voted contestant of any reality show.

His fans voted for him like crazy and always make him top on the voting list whenever he comes in nominations. He broke all previous voting records, this type of madness is never seen before for any contestant ever.

Twitter India also declared Sidharth Shukla as the most twitted contestant of Big Boss history. He has more than 50M tweets on his name. He always topped the Big Buzz most lovable contestant of BB13. He also has a record of most voted contestant in a single nomination with more than 90%​, which is the highest figure for any reality show.

3. His Lifestyle and One liner -

Sidharth Shukla is one the popular faces of the industry before entering in Big Boss house. He also done two popular TV shows Balika Vadhu and Dil se Dil Tak and he is the winner of Khatron ke Khiladi season 7 and also played an important role in ​Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania movie but the way he lives in BB house is appreciated by the viewers. His simplicity and sense of humor draw viewers attention towards him. He spent most of his time in Big Boss house wearing a half pant and t-shirt in his journey of BB13 and his grey shorts also become famous after this.

His one liners rules on several other social media platform and fans are making a lot of videos on it. One of his most popular line is “If you set the bar I will raise the bar” and the epic moment of his journey is the fight with Arhan the way he destroyed him is one of the best memories for his fans.

His one of the epic dialogue to Aarhan that “Apne border ke Andar he rakhna apni army ko jis din bahar nikali tahas nahas macha dunga tere border ke andar” and many others. In his journey video Big Boos himself said that he is the real hero of BB13 and also that Zero which completes the mathematics of the show.

His song Bhula Dunga with Shehnaaz Gill is the most commented song of India with more than 1M comments. His trends are not only topped in India but also in world trending list and it happens first time that a person is trending after the final of BB with such a number.

​The way he ruled the whole Big Boss 13 and grab the trophy, is amazing. His aura is amazing, he shows us that how a leader can be and to be a person of words. His journey is an inspiration for the other contestant who will be a part of Big Boss in Future.

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  1. This is such a beautiful article… Truly Sidharth Shukla has been inspirational… Personally I have learnt a lot from his attitude towards life and even from his shortcomings… He may not be perfect but he is imperfectly perfect… Love him dearly and wish him a lot of success in life

  2. Beautifully Articulated but he worked in Humpty Sharma ki dulhaniya nt in badri ki dulhaniya and d hashtag of Sidharth and Shehnaaz is #SidNaaz nt Sidnazz

  3. Beautiful article…He won cz we felt connected to him…his simplicity won our heart..his never giving up attitude is just awesome…he was and he will always be the king of Bigg Boss


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