BTS 3 songs in Billboard chart Most No.1 debuts in #Hot100 Histroy

Billboard chart of week
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BTS s making history day by day Because it has once again get a place in Billboard Chart of Week. Most No.1 debuts in #Hot100 History

BTS once again in billboard chart-

Today billboard Shared a tweet and there are BTS 3 Song in billboard chart of week. Most no.1 debuts in #Hot100 History.

#ArianaGrandse 5 songs and #Justinbieber 4 songs also in billboard chart

Here Billboard chart-

Most No.1 debuts in #Hot100 history

5 ArianaGrande

4 Justinbieber

4 Drake

3 BTS_twt

3 MariahCarey

3 trvisXX

3 Taylorswift13

2 britneysears

2 ladygaga

2 Olivia_Rodrigo

As we all know Billboard is one of the leading platform. who rank the latest song according to their popularity in public. we all know Butter song has broken several records and sets new record. which is now Song ranked no.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. this song in the last nine months in billboard chart. BTS has landed its first four no.1st the fastest since the Jackson in 1970. 

BTS song Butter is setting the new trends by overcoming previous records of Dynamite. which is also a song given by BTS. 

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