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BTS Vs EXO Vote For Your Favorite BTS Butter is on the way to Set New Records.

BTS a group of seven who just rocked through their musical albums. South Korea Oriented this musical band is creating history day by day. A Group which have a fan following through out the world. So we have created a poll between BTS and its potential competitor EXO. Rivalry Between BTS & EXO

BTS Vs EXO Who is Best

BTS Vs EXO Your Favorite
  • EXO (Boy Band) 66%, 1013 votes
    1013 votes 66%
    1013 votes - 66% of all votes
  • BTS (Boy Band) 34%, 512 votes
    512 votes 34%
    512 votes - 34% of all votes
Total Votes: 1525
May 27, 2021 - June 6, 2021
Voting is closed

Vote For The Best whos your Favorite, Share Your Views in comment Box

BTS (Boy Band) -

BTS band is one of the most famous musical band. There are seven members in this bands. V (Vocals) Jin (Vocals) Jungkook (Main Vocal) RM (Rapper) Jimin (Lead Vocalist) and Suga (Rapper). Jungkook Is the main face of the team.  while RM is the leader of this Band. Their Musical albums creates several records at their name. They have the highest followers on Twitter Account. BTS usually sing songs in Korean language. 

Records Hold By BTS 

BTS first all English Song "Dynamite" which creates a record by 101.1 Million Views on YouTube.  BTS is Also famous for their social work. They used to help people. Fan Following of this Band is increasing immensely. BTS "Butter" newly released song broke several records made by "Dynamite". "Butter" has record of the biggest YouTube Premier with 3.89 Million Viewers at Launching time. It also crossed 10 million views within 13 minutes. Which is Highest for any musical video. They broke their own record of views in 24 Hours with Butter with 113 million views

EXO (Boy Band) -

EXO is also one of the most famous musical band in South Korea. This Group mainly consist 9 members but they are 12 in numbers.  Xiumin (Lead Vocalist), Suho (Lead Vocalist), Lay (Vocals), Baekhyun( Main Vocals), Chen (Main Vocals), Chanyeol (Vocals), D.O. (Main Vocals), Kai( Vocals), Sehun (Lead Rapper) Kris Wu (Bandleader) Huang Zitao (Vocals) and Lu Han (Vocals)

Sehun is the main face of the Band. They are known as the potential competitor of BTS. before 2018 EXO has higher fanbase in South Korea. Bu BTS fan Following increases with each passing day. From there BTS and EXO Rivalry Begins. EXO broke SEO Taiji's Record in 2013. They has several hit musical albums at their name. XOXO, Don't mess Up my Tempo, MAMA, Ex'Act, Universe and many more.

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