Carry Minnati won millions of hearts even after the video was deleted

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As we all know that a hashtag is floating at each and every social media platform from last few weeks which is Youtube vs tiktok. Now this creates a hype everywhere on social media when one of the most famous Youtuber Carry minati show his reaction on this through his roasting video on few tiktokers and this video of carry minati already broke all previous records on YouTube ​but due some controversy this video was removed by YouTube. After this carry posted a video in which he appeals everyone not to use his dialouge from his last video and use them according to their assumption. Now this normal video is creating new records on YouTube.

The current states of the video are spell binding. This video has more than 73 million views, 10 million likes and more than 790k comments on it and all these states are achieved within 5 days.

New records of Carry minati -

In this video I am going to tell you about the records which this new video of Carry minati on youtube vs tiktok THE END broke and made new records of most liked video most, most no of subscribers gaining for a single creator in India within 24 hours most views for any Indian roasting video in 24 hours and many more.

Most Liked Video in India –  

​Carry minati’s video on youtube vs tiktok THE END is now the most liked video in India. Before this video Song Filhall of Akshay kumar is the most liked video with 6.6 million likes but after the video of carry youtube vs tiktok THE END this record was broke within 30 hours and currently this video is the most liked video in India with more than ​10 million and it is increasing with time and this all happened in just 5 days.

Carry minati youtube vs tiktok THE END this video also sets a record of most liked video in day with more than 5.3 million like in a single day and carry minati holds the record of fastest 5 million likes for a video and more than 7 million likes within 30 hours

YouTube channel with highest number of subscribers increasing in 24 hours –

After this video carry minati’s YouTube channel gained more than 7 million subscribers. Before this video carry minati has around 10.9 million subscribers on his channel and now this channel has more than ​18.1 million subscribers and it is an amazing state for any YouTube page. Now carry minati holds the record of highest no of subscribers gained in a single day with more than 1.4 million subscribers.

Most viewed roasting video of India -

This video of carry minati on youtube vs tiktok: The End is not the most watched video for any Indian roasting video with more than 19.5 million views in 24 hours.​ but now his new video which he posted in response of this controversy is the most watched video in this genere with more than 28 million views.    

Why all this started -

​As we all know that all youtubers are roasting few tiktoker's who made cringe content on Tiktok but when a tiktoker tried to roast them but he tried to roast all the Youtuber it has gone wrong for him. When a tiktoker Aamir siddqui tried to roast Youtubers and told their content cringe and this is not taken well by the youtubers, A lot of youtubers roasted him for this but when carry replied on this with his video "Carry minati: youtube vs tiktok: THE END", he takes it to another level and rest is history on YouTube what we are seeing now.

After this video tiktok is also divided in two groups and a huge number of tiktok users are now supporting carry and which also shows his value in public.

After Removal of Video from YouTube -

After receiving that much of success this video is take down by YouTube and this create a lot of controversy. This video has more than 73 million views and 10 million like within 6 days and it is all set to break the record of 12 million likes, most liked non-musical video in the world. After all this Carry fans got angry and they are trending hashtags on twitter in support of Carry. All the youtubers supported carry in this. Technical Guruji uploaded a video in which he uninstalled tiktok from all his mobiles. Harsh Beniwal, Amit bhadana, Ashish Chanchlani and a lot of other youtubers are supporting carry in this.

After all this controversy, Carry posted a video "STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS | YouTube vs Tik Tok: The End"​​​ at his channel in which he is looking very sad and tried and appealed everyone not to twist his words and use them with their own meaning. And he also appeals everyone to see the whole video than make your point and stop making assumptions about the video. He also said that he didn't even know the reason of this action done by YouTube. This normal conversation video is breaking all the previous records now. It already break the record of Carry’s last video YouTube vs tiktok. This video has now more than 6.5 million likes and ​34 million views within 1 day, 730k comments and the numbers are increasing with the time. Now this video is the most liked video with 6.2 million like within 24 hours. Carry has more than 18.1 million subscribers and this is also increasing with an amazing speed.

​There are few Youtubers who are blaming few other Youtubers for the removable of this video.

How this effected TikTok in India-

After all this there are several audio clips of Aamir Siddiqui and Adanan are now viral in which the are abusing carry and talking about his suspended video, which made his fans more angry and they are supporting him unconditionally. Rating of tiktok on google play store is now fall from 4.6 to 2.0 which is a huge fall, A huge no of tiktok users are supporting Carry and whole tiktok is filled with content related to carry minati.

This type of support is never seen for any other youtuber before. Hindustani Bhau (Vikas Phatak) also made videos in support of Carry and deleted his Tiktok ID which has more than 1.5 million followers and now normal people are also deleting tiktok from their mobile in support of these youtubers.

Mr Faisu a tiktoker also uploaded a video on youtube which is now the most disliked video of India, this shows how much people are loving Carry minati.

Celebrities like Guru Randhava, Mukesh Khanna ( Shaktiman), Badshah and other also supported Carry in this. All his fans are requesting to YouTube to re-upload his video. Ajey Nagar (Carry Minati) also share a message on instagram and said that a highly successful work in an easy target. 

Few Facts about Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar) –

Carry started his channel on YouTube with the name Addicted in 2014 than change into CarryDeol in 2015 and finally changed it into CarryMinati. Carry minati (Ajey Nagar) is named as one of the biggest YouTuber and streamer of India, everybody believes that carry takes roasting videos to another level. His channel CarryMinati has more than 1085 million views on YouTube. His videos also trend in other country, which is also a great achievement for any roasting channel.

Carry minati also roasts Pewdiepie and that Rap video was also very famous and this video also creates a huge hype that time when Pewdiepie vs t-series battle of subscribers was in the scene. Carry minati have another channel on YouTube which is named as CarryIsLive where is use to stream while playing games. He has more than 4.9 million subscribers on that channel to. Carry Minati has already earned Silver, Gold and The Diamond YouTube play Buttons.

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