Miui 12 new features and release Date In India


We are going to reveal the miui 12​ new features and also miui 12 update date in India​.It is the most awaited update for Xiaomi users. As we all know that Xiaomi is one of the biggest mobile brands in all around the world. With more than 300 million users operating it. MI is operated in more than 80 different languages. Mi finally announced ​miui 12 update with "Mi 10 youth edition" in China on 27th of April. 

​Miui 12 comes with a lot of amazing features which have a massive change in UI system​. This update also contains a high range of privacy update and few other features. This UI update is way to advance in comparison to any other previous update. Few of features will align with Android 10.

Points we will Discuss –

Now without wasting our time, I am going to tell you about these "Miui 12 new features and release Date in India". which device is eligible for update. When they will get the update of Miui 12 and able to use Miui 12 new features.

  1. Miui 12 new features
  2. Miui 12 Release Date in India
  3. ​Which Device will get the Update​

​Miui 12 new features -

1. User Interface & Super Wallpaper –

This is one of the biggest points of attraction of this miui 12 Update​. The Miui 12 wallpaper we get in this update will be a "Super 3D wallpaper". It includes live wallpaper of Earth and Mars, Device will have a space view of these planets on lock screen​. when we unlock the phone it will change in to their closure view​. This unique feature will give you an awesome experience.

2. Notification Panel –

Notification bar also have a totally different look. This have some similarities with IOS notification panel and now it is termed as Control Center. Notification panel will have big icon with a transparent and blur background. These all changement will give it a classy look. And there is a pull-down feature for the new notifications means of you pull the notification down it will open with a comparatively large window and you can also put it aside with a right swipe and reply for these through this window.

3. Dark Mode 2.0 –

Miui 12 will have a forced Dark mode update, which is termed as Dark mode 2.0. In this update the Dark mode will come with an accurate pixel level. ​Which will give a more premium look to your device.

4. Navigation Features and Animation –

Mi has said that the Navigation features in this update will have a simple and smooth look. They are going to align it with the Navigation system of Android 10.

While talking about the animations in miui 12, it will have a very smooth and different transition throughout the system from Battery charging & Battery states to App opening and closing, form Screen rotation, Multitasking window to notes and in weather window to each and every have an awesome transitional look.

5. App Drawer, Themes, Icon and Fonts –

​So one of the biggest change which we can see in our devices that this update will introduce an App Drawer and this is for first time in Mi devices we have an App Drawer.

miui 12 will have a number of new classy themes and specially a lot of themes will relate to the 10 anniversary of Mi. You can apply them according to your choice. This Update will have a customize feature for all the app icon differently.

This update of miui 12 will have a lot of different type of Fonts. You can also manually increase or decrease the weight of fonts according your choice.

6. Always On Display and Multi Windows –

If you are using a Xiaomi device which have an amoled display then this update will provide you more than thousand displays with unique customization features and many more.

This update will also support Picture in Picture mode with improved animation features and make it faster than previous update of miui. You can use to apps at a single time.

7. Privacy Updates –

Miui 12 comes with incredible privacy updates. This update will have a three stage of privacy, which will work with three different ways. This privacy is ​World’s first TUV Rheinland certified privacy system.

  1. Flare System – This will inform you if any app which is installed in your device and taking sensitive information and permissions secretly than this feature will inform you about this.
  2. Mask System – This will update you about the apps which will secretly taking your call log details contacts and any other sensitive information from your device than it will inform you and block it.
  3. Barbed wire System – this part will inform you about any other Apps which will try to take your location details unnecessarily and block it at-once.

Privacy update is the biggest highlight of the "miui 12 new features".

8. AI Support –

This feature is one of the main highlights of this futuristic miui 12 update. Mi is providing an interface through which Deaf person can talk with the other people on call and reply them with massages. In this feature if a deaf person who is talking to another person on call then the voice of the other person converted in to text which the deaf can read and reply him through text to but according to sources this feature will only available in Chinese variant.

9. Mi Health Services –

In this update of miui 12, Mi has introduced a lot of features related to user’s health, such as features which will count your step while walking, running, swimming and also including cycling measuring feature. It will also provide a feature which will count your sleeping time and also record your snoring and sleep talking and will make you aware of that. It is also a main attraction of miui 12 new features.

​Overall this UI update will totally change the interface of your mobile. Screen aspect ratio will also come with amazing changes. The " miui 12 ​new features" will also contained a lot of other changes. Miui 12 beta version was already launched and you can try it in few sets like K20, K30 and others but this is not stable.

Release Date of Miui 12 in India -

Mi recently announced the miui 12 update in China and released Miui 12 beta version but the stable version is still not released. They announced that initially this update will launch in total on of 42 devices in different Batches and the expected date will be in June 2020. After it’s launch in China it will launch in India after following few weeks.

The first batch will get the update of ​miui 12 between the month of June- July.

Which Device will get the Update –

As company announced that the devices will get update in three batches. The first batch of it will get update in the month of June and July.

These are the three batches introduced by the company

1st Batch (June-July)-

  • Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K20 Premium edition
  • ​Redmi K30 Pro series, Redmi K30
  • ​Mi 9 series Mi 10 series.

2nd Batch (After few weeks of 1st) –

  • Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7 pro, Redmi Note 8 pro
  • Mi 8 series, Mi 9 SE, Mi CC9 series, Mi Mix 2S, Mi Mix 3

3rd Batch (After 2nd Batch) –

  • Redmi Note 8, Redmi 8, Redmi 8A
  • ​Redmi 7 Redmi 7A, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note SE
  • ​Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A
  • Mi 6X, Mi MIX 2, Mi 8 SE, Mi 8 Youth Edition
  • Mi Max 3, Mi Note 3 and Mi CC9E

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