Shehnaz Gill is not innocent or naive, she fakes it: Dalljiet Kaur from Bigg Boss 13


Twitterati has recently slammed Punjabi actress Shehnaz Gill, who is loved by Salman Khan and a few others for holding the entertainment quotient alive in the show, as they find her distracting and annoying. Recently, Shehnaz is also not too fond of the expelled contestant Dalljiet Kaur, and she feels that the latter's' I know nothing and innocent face' is absolutely fake.

While talking about the TimesofIndia, Shehnaz, Dalljiet said, "She's definitely trying to be good with boys playing the innocent card. She's very smart and she's done her homework well. Girls are more at home and it's interesting to see how far she's going to be able to continue this game.

All is made up of her innocent and naive side. It's not her first success. Indeed, for the first time she's been working in Mumbai but she's been working in the Punjabi industry. It's not her first job, so I don't trust her I don't know anything about her attitude. She's extremely manipulative. I feel strongly that Shehnaz is not naive and innocent. She's faking it probably.

Also Sumit Kadel Respond on her game

According To Him "#SehnaazGill is UNGREATFUL, FAKE, OVER ACTOR & DISGRACEFUL. May be #SiddharthShukla #Asim & #Aarti forgives her in the show, but audience shouldn’t. She is a player & everything she is doing in the show is her game. She deserves #ParasChhabra #Mahira & the likes #BiggBoss13" via twitter

So just wait and watch for her real side


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