Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Moat dangerous road in world

       In this modern era of technology where our life is getting more comfortable with the help of technology, here we are going to talk about Top 10 most dangerous roads in the world. While each Automobile companies are using modern, creative techniques to make traveling less risky but these are few craziest Roads which makes all type of technology useless.

Most Dangerous Roads In the World

In this list of Top 10 most dangerous Roads, i included such roads which might be a point of attraction for the persons who like adventures but on the same end they are also Deadly whether you are riding a motorbike or four-wheeler. These roads will make your Heart bits high for a while and your one mistake can be your last. 

10. BR-116 (Brazil South America) –

                  It is the second largest highway in entire country which runs in the North-South direction alongside the Brazilian coastline. The length of this Highway is about 4,490 km (2790 mi). Due to the unstable weather conditions in a part of this Highway which connects Sao Paolo and Curitiba a lot of accidents happens in this region that why this part is also termed as "Highway of Death" and "Highway to Hell" (Estrada para o inferno). Sao Paulo to Curitiba is the busiest part of this Highway where the most weather-related accidents happens. The most traffic occurs due to the Shipment Trucks which also creates potholes and makes it more dangerous. Alcohol and Drugs sales are also a main reason for accidents occurs here.

Most of the accidental Deaths of Brazil are related to this, “The Highway of Death”.

9. James W- Dalton Highway Alaska USA –

                It is also known as Dalton Highway which 414 mi (666 km) long dirt road, which starts from Fairbanks to the North Slope of Alaska. It is the most dangerous road in USA. Due to the snow covered roads and stormy weather  this highway is way to dangerous for a normal driver. Yet it is one of the most important roads in America for transportation. This road was created to supply Oil and Gas companies. There are no medical facilities along side the road and even a helicopter patrols looking for the accidental cases.  

This road is also shown in many TV shows like “Ice Road Truckers” and others. The most dangerous part of this road is it’s low temperature and snowfall.

​8. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway –

             The Atlantic Ocean Road is one of the craziest and Deadliest roads in the world. This highway connects the island of Averoy with the mainland via a series of small islands containing a total no eight bridges with a total length of 8.3 Km. The highway was built in year of 1980. Due to it’s sudden turns and frightening locations it is also become more attractive for the people who like adventure.

Due to it’s location, A journey through this highway is feels like a Roller coaster ride. It is a road where a person is driving under very bad conditions and in Snowy weather the road become more dangerous and slippery which can also create such conditions that the Drivers are unsure that they will their destination for sure. The high waves which passes through the road makes your journey more dangerous and adventurous at the same time.

​7. R504 Kolyma Highway (“The Road of Bones”) –

              R504 Kolyma Highway which connects Magadan with the Nizhny Bestyakh’s Town located on the eastern bank of Lena River with the length of 2033 km, ​part of M56 route​​​. This is also known as "The Road of Bones" because the prisoners who are died during the construction of the road are buried on it. Irrespective of the regular maintenance it is still not in good condition because of the summer floods destroy this region badly and the mud creates a traffic jam. Presence of many sharp rocks are also slice the tires and the dust in summers also decrease the visibility which makes it more dangerous.

It is also used for Motorcycling. In winters the decrease in temperature which tends to minus 55 makes it more dangerous. But it’s wild life beauty due to cold atmosphere this road also become an major part of attraction.

6. Guoliang Tunnel Road (China) –

                     Guoliang Tunnel Road is one of the most famous tunnels in the world with a length of 1.2 km, 16 ft tall and 13 ft wide tunnels. It was created by 13 local villagers to help the local people which further gave this village unwanted attention and also become very welcome revenue. It took five years in the construction of this road before the construction of this Road the only way to access to the village of Guoliang, located on the high Taihang Mountains of the Henan Province through some slippery climb and very narrow stairs.

The road is located above 1100 to 1300 meters above the Sea level, which is closed during the winter. Due to it’s blind turns and unpredictable dips makes it dangerous for normal drivers. But the natural view around the Tunnels makes it more attractive and it becomes one of most visited tourist stop in this region.

5. The Way to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan -

                 Fairy Meadows Road is one of the most dangerous high mountain tracks. It is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region Pakistan with a total length of 16.2 km. it is also known as Karakoram highway which is start from here and ends in Tato Village, near Fairy Meadows. It is way to unmaintained and the most dangerous part of the Road involves 6 miles narrow ascend. Few parts of this Gravel Route are way to narrow that you can only pass it by hiking or cycling, even through out the road opposite vehicles can pass only through limited points.

This Gravel Route was built by the villagers of Nanga-Parbat (The Killer Mountains) long time ago. In rainy season land sliding, Rocks and muddy slippery more dangerous. It is closed during the Winter and only opens in summer. In 2013 it is also selected as 2nd most dangerous road in the world. 

4. Zoji la Pass (Ladakh) –

            ​Zoji La Mountain pass is located 11575 ft above the Sea level, located in the Kargil District of Ladakh, in India. Because of it’s awesome location and views many of us wants to ride a bike through these mountains but it is one of the most dangerous mountains trails in the World. In rainy season this road become such dangerous that none can pass through it due to the landslides and slippery muddy roads. Snow falls and stormy winds also makes it impassable in winter. The roads are way to narrow at some points that it is hard to pass through motorbikes but it is also a dream to ride through these roads for bikers in India.

 It is 25.8 km long and full of natural beauties which makes it more attractive for Bikers, But a ride on this track is full of unexpected challenges and your one mistake can create a high risk for your life.

​3. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China –

                 Sichuan-Tibet Highway is one of the world’s highest roads with a length of 2142 km which connects east Sichuan’s Chengdu to west at Lhasa in Tibet. It is a regular route for truck drivers and it’s changeable weather makes your trip through this route like a Days in Heaven. But the driving in this route is a great challenge for a new person. The highway passes through 14 high mountains and a no of rivers. Rain, Snow, fog and low temperature makes it more challenging for drivers.

It is also one of the deadliest roads, in 2011 a bus lost control and fall into a deep ravine killing 16 passengers.

2. “Road of Death”, Bolivia –

                The Road which connects Bolivia’s capital, La Paz with the town of Coroico with a length of 43 mile (69 km) is known as The Road of Death. It is extremely hard to drive on this road due to the fog, landslides, cascades and cliffs which drop 610 meters down in every turn.

​Before 2006, this narrow road was the only way to travel from Coroico to La Paz but in 2009 government constructed a new road. ​Almost 300 drivers died on this road yearly until 1994 that's why this road also known as Road of Death. The location makes it more dangerous in rainy season.

 It’s name "Road of Death" also proves that how deadly it can be your one bad decision will be a great risk on your Life.

1. The Killar–Kishtwar Road in Kashmir –

                    It is the most Dangerous road in the World which connect Kishtwar (J&K) to Killar (Himanchal). This is way to narrow that it is hard to drive a single vehicle at a time. The road is full of rocks, loose soil and one side 1000 feet free fall and on other side high mountains makes it more dangerous. Your one mistake in this track can take you to Death. It is the part of NH-26 alongside the Chenab River.

This deadly, fragile Mountain pass is about 114 km long. This road is truly a death track and opens only in summers. But it is also very famous a track for the mountain bikers,

The high mountains, Unpredictable climate make the journey through this track is like watching a Horror movie.

​If you like adventures and find yourself strong enough to take these type of challenges than these are the best places to live your dreams, Share your Memories if you are ever visited one of these and which on of them you are willing to visit.

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