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YouTube is one of the biggest social media platform for the people who want to show their talent in public. It also provides a lot contents worth to watch. Today’s tech-savvy generation uses this platform for both entertainment and knowledge purposes. In this article we are going to talk about ​top 10 Best youtubers (individual creators) in India, who are very popular between viewers for their work. There is huge change occured in the list of top 10 youtuers in india 2019.

Criteria What I Prefer to Choose top 10 indian youtubers -

I am going to add youtubers with highest subscribers and with a crazy fan base. So without wasting our time let us know about top 10 best Indian youtubers. in last two weeks the whole algorithm of youtube changed and the new list of top 10 indian youtubers totally changed.

Here is my list of top 10 youtubers in India.

​10. Emiway Bantai –

Credit - Bantai Instagram

Emiway Bantai is a singer, music composer, rapper, dancer, song writer and editor.  He himself write his songs, compose and edit the content and perform in these to. He is best known for his song of Gully Boy (2019) “Asli Hip Hop”. He started his career with Glint Lock in 2013. Initially he used to rap in English only but on his father advice he launched his first rap “Aur Banati” in Hindi. His controversy with Raftaar was also very famous.

Currently he has more than 11.1 million subscribers on his channel, people love his works and follows him insanely and due to all these he made a position in top 10 indian youtubers.

​9. Dr. Vivek Bindra –

Credit - Vindra Instagram

​Dr. Vivek Bindra gained a lot of subscribers and achieve 9th position in the list of top 10 youtubers in india. He is also one of the best motivational speaker and leader trainer. He also awarded as best leadership trainer in Asia by Dr. Marshal Goldsmith. He is a trusted advisor for more than 1500 corporates in 25 countries and more. His videos are full of motivations and very helpful for anyone who want to create his career in business field.

He has more than 12.6 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel named as Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker.

​8. Facttechz –

Credit - facttechz instagram

Facttechz a YouTube Channel which is run by an individual person whose name is Rajesh Kumar on which he uploads videos related to few unknown facts about our universe and surroundings. He uploaded his first video on 18 September 2016 with a title of “5 amazing facts about our planet earth”. His videos are very famous in viewers.

His Channel “Facttechz” has more than 13.6 Million subscribers on Youtube. He is also known as the first youtuber who started a channel on which he describes Top 10 fact related content in Hindi.

​7. Round2hell –

Credit Round2hell Instagram

Round2hell is a YouTube Channel which is very famous for his comedy contents within the viewers. This channel was created by three ordinary boys Nazim, Basim and Zayn form Muradabad. They stared this channel in 2016 but initially their content was not so famous in viewers but lot of hard work and their dedication give them so much fame and now they are counted in top 10 youtubers in India which is a very huge success for anyone.

They have more than 13.7 million subscribers on their channel.

6. Sandeep Maheshwari –

Credir - sandeep__maheshwari instagram

Sandeep Maheshwari is also a very famous Motivational speaker in India, A huge amount of people follows him from last few years and get motivated through it. They also connect their life with his speeches and follows his advices. Sandeep Maheshwari is also one of the greatest Business man and entrepreneur in India. He doesn’t monetize his channel because he doesn’t want that people who watch his videos for motivation don’t get distracted due to Ads.

Sandeep Maheshwari has more than 15.1 million subscribers on his channel and his every video has millions of views on it.

​5. Technical Guruji –

Credit technical guruji instagram

Technical Guruji is now become the most subscribed tech reviewer channel by crossing unbox therapy on YouTube and he recently achieved this success on his channel. This channel is run by Gaurav Chaudhary who is very famous in viewers for his tech related videos. If you want to get all the latest tech related news than this is a perfect channel for you. He also famous for his giveaways and Sunday tech Talks and managed to get 5th position in top 10 most subscribed list of indian youtubers.

Technical Guruji has more than 17.2 million subscribers on his Channel.

​4. BB Ki Vines –

Credit - bhuvan.bam22 instagram

We all know that Bhuvam Bam is one of the best youtubers in India and he also ruled for a long time on 1st position on Indian individual Creators on YouTube. He is best known for his Vines in which he played a no of roles. Titu Mama and Sameer is one of the most famous characters from his vines. He is a comedian, singer, Actor, writer, Composer overall he is a multi-talented youtuber. He is also famous for his songs and stories. He is the first Indian youtuber who achieve the milestone 10 million subscribers on his channel. Each and everyone of us surely watched his videos on YouTube.

In current time, he has more than 18 million subscribers on his channel. He is also known as a YouTuber who started the trend of vines in India and encouraged many of us to show their talents through it.

​3.  Ashish Chanchlani –

Credit - Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchalani is one of the biggest youtuber in India, He is very famous for his comedy vines. Initially his dubbed videos of Doremon was very famous between viewers but with the time he became so famous and he creates his separate fan base on youtube for his humorous videos. There is also a small cameo of him on through a video we have seen in MIB international which is also a great achievement for any youtuber. His videos with his sister and family was also very popular in viewers.

He has more than 18.6 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel “Ashish Chanchlani Vines”.

2. Amit Bhadana –

Credit - Amit Bhadana

We all are familiar with this name “Amit Bhadana”. He is a normal boy who started his career on YouTube through comedy video who become very famous through his hard work and people loved him a lot. He ruled the 1st position for a very long time in the list of top 10 indian youtubers. Viewers have become fan of his content and comic timing. His desi language, and poetry type dialogues attracted a lot of people which made him a king of Indian youtube for a very long time. His journey from an ordinary person to a top youtuber motivated many of others to do work hard and achieve more and more success.

Amit Bhadana has more than 20.5 million subscribers on his youtube channel which makes it the 2nd most subscribed channel of India for any Individual creator.

​1. CarryMinati –

Credit - carryminati Instagram

Now we are going to talk about the most famous YouTube creator of India “Ajay Nager” Aka CarryMinati. At current time carry minati has more than 21.5 million subscribers on his channel and become the most subscribed Indian Youtuber by passing Amit Bhadana and topped of list of top 10 youtubers in India

In present time he became an emotion for Indian viewers on youtube. His videos are breaking each and every records of YouTube. He also gained more than 11 million subscribers within 3 weeks which is also a huge record for an individual creator. His videos are in the top 3 most liked videos of India. His last Video Yalgaar is now become the most liked video in India with more than 9.7 million likes and trending at the 1st position from last 3 days. 

People are following him insanely and last few videos are smashing youtube records badly. He topped the list of top 10 most subscribed youtubers in India.

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What you think, who is best?
What you think, who is best?
What you think, who is best?

Which is your favorite Youtuber tell us in the comment box and also about your favorite video of him. Stay connected with us to know more news about our country which affects us.

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